What is the Best Lotion for Tattoos? Comparing Your Options

Best Lotion for Tattoos

45 million people in the United States have a tattoo and spend about 1.65 billion dollars per year on tattoos.

While tattoos can be a way to express yourself or your beliefs, caring for them is of utmost importance. You will likely have the tattoo for the rest of your life, so it makes sense to treat it well.

Using a lotion to protect your precious tattoo is recommended. But with so many products on the market, where do you find the best lotion for tattoos? And how do you know which one to choose?

We’ve done the work for you! Keep reading to find the lotion to keep your tattoo vibrant and healthy for years to come.

Why Use Lotion For Your Tattoo?

Because tattoos require opening the skin (for depositing the ink!) you run the risk of infection or scars. It’s vital that you follow proper-care guidelines so your tattoo does not become infected or ruined.

Applying lotion to your tattoo is one way to keep your skin moisturized. You’ve just put your skin through some trauma and using lotion on the skin promotes healing.

When considering a tattoo lotion, read the ingredients and make sure it’s of the highest quality.

Not all tattoo artists will give aftercare instructions, so remember to ask how to take care of your tattoo when it’s finished.

Best Lotion For Tattoos

If you’re looking for the best lotions for tattoo aftercare, we’ve got you covered.

When seeking out a lotion for your tattoo, try to stay away from harsh chemicals or fragrances. All natural ingredients, or something as close as possible to natural, is best.

Here are some top picks to use the next time you get inked.

Lubriderm Daily Moisture

A budget-friendly option, Lubriderm is a great choice for an all over body lotion for those with tattoos covering a large portion of their bodies. Lubriderm contains glycerin and vitamin B5 to encourage healing in the skin. Lubriderm absorbs into the skin well and leaves it smooth and nourished.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a popular choice for everything lately! Using it as a moisturizer is no exception since it contains vitamin E, a necessary component to repair skin.

With just one ingredient (coconut oil!) it’s an ideal moisturizer given its antibacterial properties and it’s hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin. Even though it’s not a lotion, the oil does not leave a greasy feel on your skin. A little goes a long way!

Denver Pain Relief Balm

After getting inked, there may be some soreness at the tattoo site. A pain relief balm can both combat the pain as well as provide moisture and healing to the skin.

The unique element of Denver Pain Relief Balm is that it’s infused with CBD oil.  CBD oil is proving to be a substantial element in health and wellness, offering relief from ailments such as chronic pain, dry skin, depression, and much more.

Our Denver CBD Pain relief rub for skin is an excellent choice given that it targets pain and with the presence of vitamin E, it prevents scarring and bathes the skin in moisture, which make this balm a powerful combination.  

Use the coupon: TATTED to get 30% off your purchase of Denver CBD Pain Relief Rub!  This will be the best choice you made for your skin!

Aveeno Daily Moisturizer

Another budget-friendly, easy-to-find choice, Aveeno Daily Moisturizer can likely be found at your local drug store. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer contains oats, which are extremely healthy for the skin. Oats help the skin retain its moisture, which is key when you have a new tattoo.

Together with a low price tag and free from scents, Aveeno is a great choice for your tattoo.

Other Ways to Care for Your Tattoo

While applying a moisturizer is important in tattoo care, be sure to take note of a few other things to do to keep your tattoo in perfect condition.

Wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to prevent any infections that could occur.

Try to avoid sleeping on your tattoo while it heals. It could potentially stick to your sheets.

Wear loose-fitting clothing that does not cling to the tattoo. Tight-fitting clothes could cause skin irritation and the tattoo could lose some of its luster and brightness.

Stay away from baths and swimming for a time. Scabs could be removed before they’re ready, but taking showers are ok.

Signs of Infection

If you take care of your tattoo, infection is extremely rare. Here are some signs your tattoo could be infected:

  • redness around the tattoo
  • puss
  • odor
  • excess scabbing

In more serious cases, you could experience the following:

  • fever
  • muscle pain
  • bumps
  • diarrhea or nausea

If you think you have an infection from your tattoo, the best course is to contact your physician and they can recommend treatment.

Keep Your Tattoo in Tip-Top Shape

Getting a tattoo should be a memorable and exciting time to express yourself, with little worry about infection and skin irritation. The best lotion for tattoos can help preserve your tattoo all while keeping your skin healthy during the healing process.

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