Sick of Getting Sick? Here Are The Top Morning Sickness Remedies

morning sickness remedies

Around 85% of pregnant women experience morning sickness.

After you have tested positive for pregnancy, you’re probably already wondering when the bout of sickness is going to arrive.

But you don’t have to just grin and bear at it. There are actually numerous morning sickness remedies which really work.

There are different degrees of morning sickness. If you’re experiencing severe sickness, weight loss, and dehydration, you need to visit your doctor immediately.

However, most pregnant women can find relief from the below home remedies and traditional medicines.

What to Eat for Morning Sickness?

What you eat is extremely important when you’re in the early stages of pregnancy. There is growing evidence that it is your diet rather than hormones which causes morning sickness.

Everything on our list should be easy to find in your local grocery store.

1. Ginger

You may not think of the root ginger as possessing any special qualities. However, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

If you have an upset stomach, drinking or eating ginger can be great at easing the pains. You may want to try ginger in tea to get started.

2. Something Sour

You may be surprised to know that eating something sour can soothe your sore stomach.

Examples include lemon flavored drinks or sour candy.

3. Mint

Mint is usually also recommended for people with morning sickness. You don’t even need to consume any mint to receive the benefits. You can just sniff it!

Also, there is no harm in taking a peppermint candy after a night of morning sickness to freshen up your mouth.

4. Toast

What’s for breakfast? Well, if you’re experiencing morning sickness, then it should be toast.

Simple starchy foods are always helpful when you have an unsettled stomach.

5. Smoothies

When you can’t seem to keep anything down, turn to smoothies to get your nutrients.

Don’t drink it all at once. You need to take your time and drink it slowly. This can help to soften the acids and blood sugar which can calm you down.

6. Vitamin B6

The vitamin B6 is often forgotten. It exists in many foods, such as meat and fish, but can also be consumed as a supplement.

But if you have morning sickness, you could experience improvements to your conditions by regularly taking vitamin B6 supplements.

7. Plenty of Liquids

If you’re frequently experiencing rounds of morning sickness, you need to increase the amount of liquid you’re drinking.

If you’re tired of drinking water, you can switch it for watermelon ice cubes or ice pops. You can also mix up these recommended foods by making lemon flavored freezer pops.

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

When you’re experiencing morning sickness, sometimes changing the food and drink you’re consuming isn’t enough to ease the symptoms.

You might consider the following natural morning sickness remedies combined with your new diet.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional treatment which involves the inserting of thin needles into the skin. Although the practice has been used for many years, it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

The treatment has been connected with relieving nausea, which makes it widely recommended for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness.

2. Physical Activity

Over 60% of pregnant women are inactive during pregnancy. It’s not surprising that not many pregnant women suffering from morning sickness don’t want to exercise much.  

You probably don’t feel like doing much physical activity or exercise right now. However, you may find that regular 30 minutes of exercise can relieve morning sickness symptoms.

3. CBD Oil

CBD oil is a chemical that comes from the cannabis plant. However, unlike marijuana, CBD does not have any mind-altering properties.

There is evidence that CBD oil can help pregnant women deal with nausea and vomiting during morning sickness. This has resulted in an increasing number of pregnant women adopting CBD oil to cure morning sickness.

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Medicinal Cure for Morning Sickness

Many pregnant women are concerned that meds could harm their baby.

As it’s especially important to be aware of what you’re putting in your body while you’re pregnant, you should listen to your doctor’s advice. Speak with your doctor before you take any of the following.  

1. OTC Meds

OTC meds, such as Benadryl and Unisom, are often used for patients with allergies. However, they are also prescribed for patients with nausea, such as women with morning sickness.

2. Acid Reflux

For women with morning sickness in which vomiting is a common part of sickness, acid reflux meds may be advised.

Such regular bouts of vomiting can be damaging to your body. By lowering the acid in your stomach, you can protect yourself against this.

3. Motion Sickness Patch

Morning sickness and motion sickness share many of the same symptoms. So the same treatment could also help you.

By applying motion sickness patches behind your ear for approximately 4 hours, you could reduce the probability of experiencing vomiting and nausea.

Morning Sickness Remedies

Are you struggling with the symptoms of morning sickness? You need to know that you don’t have to suffer without any hope.

Take advantage of our advice about which morning sickness remedies to use to help you handle what you’re going through.

If you want to find out more about how CBD oil could have positive benefits for your health and life, check out our website.  


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