Customer For Life Partner Program

Retail Partner

Have a retail license? The Denver CBD Wholesaler program is tailored to make the process of selling our products as easy and profitable.

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Split the retail margin 50/50

Our missions is to give you, the retailer, a chance to make money on our CBD products for life. Once a customer purchase one of our products from your store, we think you are entitled to continue making money from that customer for as long as they continue buying Denver CBD products.

So here’s how it works: We help you, the retailer, generate a custom coupon code that can be redeemed on our website for a 25% off your first online purchase. Once you place a wholesale order, we take this custom coupon code and attach it to every product in your order before shipping it to you. So when a customer buys Denver CBD in your store and takes it home, they have the option to buy more online for 25% off their first order with your custom coupon code. This coupon code will assign that particular customer to you for life, and every time that customer makes another purchase you will be rewarded 50% of the net profit of their order.

Customer For Life

Earn a commission from all orders made for the lifetime of that customer when they use your link or code!

Training & Marketing

We provide sales training, marketing brochures and partner events to educate you on our CBD products.

Expert Support

If your customers or patients have questions our customer service reps are ready to answer them.

Customer for life
Become a Retail Partner

Please fill out the form to begin creating your account for the Denver CBD Partner Program and start building Customers For Life.

“The Best Product Ever”

Denver CBD products sells themselves! With a little help from their wonderful support team I was able to get my affiliate links up and running in a matter of minutes and I was profiting in a matter of hours.

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