7 Tips for Choosing the Best Quality CBD Oil

You’ve got pain, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, or even a little bit of nausea, but you don’t want to gorge yourself on pharmaceuticals.

Well, you don’t have to.  In case you haven’t heard, there’s this potent little product that’s completely natural and safe to take and rivals the effects of the most powerful medications on the market: CBD oil.

Extracted from the hemp plant, high concentration CBD oil has been shown to have all sorts of amazing benefits. It can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, combat anxiety, improve sleep, boost energy, and improve your mood.And it might even play a role in heart health, diabetes, and even cancer!

More and more studies continue to be conducted on this miracle oil, and the general consensus is that it works. Better yet, it’s safe to take. Even kids and pets can take it!  The thing is, CBD oil manufacturers are popping up all over the place. Some make great CBD oil products, while others aren’t so great.

So, how do you know if you’re getting a high-quality product? Here are a few tips to help you choose the best quality CBD oil product you can get your hands on.


1. Verify the Extraction Method

CBD oil manufacturers have to get the CBD out of the hemp plant somehow, right? Well, depending on the exact extraction method used, the end product could differ from one manufacturer to another.

There are a few different extraction methods that are used to produce CBD oil, and some are better than others.

Some methods are cheap to execute, but they can end up with sub-par CBD oil products that may come with unwanted substances that can cause irritation to the lungs and other side effects. Solvent and butane extraction methods fall under this category.

On the other hand, there are other extraction methods that tend to be more expensive to conduct. They use better equipment that requires more specialized technicians to operate.

That means the price tag for consumers might be a lit higher. But the CBD oil quality cannot be compared.

More specifically, the thermal extraction method superior over other extraction methods. Using only heat and pressure you end up with a pure, high-quality CBD oil product that’s void of any toxins that might be present with other extraction methods. Sure, you might pay a bit more for it, but it’ll be worth the extra money spent.  This is the exact CBD extraction process Denver CBD uses for all ingredients!

Inquire about the type of extraction method used to obtain the final product to make sure you’re getting the best quality CBD oil possible.

2. Check Out the Plant Source

CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, but how exactly was the plant cultivated? What type of soil did it grow in? What type of environment was it exposed to?

The quality of the CBD oil is only as good as the hemp plant it was extracted from. Just like any other type of plant, hemp will absorb anything in the soil that it’s surrounded by.

If the soil is of high quality, then the plant will absorb only quality nutrients. But if the soil is contaminated with toxins and other harmful substances, the plant will absorb those too.

The quality of the soil definitely makes a difference in the quality of the actual hemp plant and the CBD oil that’s extracted from it. Like the extraction method of the CBD oil, you’ll also want to verify the source of your product.

Denver CBD hemp is grown in Colorado, where the soil is composed of the highest organic nutrients, free of heavy metals and toxins. We start with the best nutrients for soil to grow the highest quality hemp-derived CBD oil available on the market.

3. Look For Package Labels and Third-Party Lab Info

Reputable manufacturers who make the best quality CBD oil will be very transparent with their products. Any manufacturer that makes it difficult for consumers to find out details of their products should be approached with caution.

Ideally, the label of the CBD oil product will be very detailed. Knowing what’s in the product is important before you buy and use a CBD oil.

Is MCT oil in the product? What is the concentration of the CBD in the product? Are there any other ingredients in the mix? How was the CBD oil extracted?

You’ll also want to get your hands on any third-party lab information if possible. This will provide you with even more pertinent details about the product you’re buying. Reputable manufacturers use independent third-party lab tests to ensure the best quality CBD oil and back up any claims made.

The more information you have to go on, then the more informed your purchasing decision will be.

4. Go THC-Free

If you don’t want to get high while taking CBD oil, then avoid CBD oil products that contain THC. CBD oil that’s derived from the hemp plant and is considered federally legal will have no more than 0.3 percent THC. The best CBD oil products have much less than this amount, if any at all.

But some products may have more than this threshold. Even worse, some won’t even label their products appropriately to inform consumers of the THC content.

Again, you can verify the presence of any additional substances like THC by checking out the company’s third-party lab report.

5. Opt For Full-Spectrum CBD

CBD oils can either be isolates or full-spectrum products.

CBD isolates are pure CBD with no other compounds from the hemp plant. Instead, full-spectrum CBD contains many other cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant, which can provide more beneficial effects.

Sure, isolates are great, but full-spectrum CBD can provide you with more benefits because of how synergistically all of the compounds work with each other in the body.

6. Avoid Any Unnecessary Ingredients

There’s no need to add any unnecessary ingredients to a CBD oil product. Some companies add flavors, thinning agents, and other ingredients to their CBD oil products, but you don’t need these.

Besides, the FDA doesn’t regulate such products, so it’s best to stick with a pure product. If a CBD oil is well-made, it won’t need any thinning agents or other ingredients to create a high-quality product.

7. Be Wary of Health Claims

CBD oil products are not regulated by the FDA. So if any companies make any health claims with their products, that could be a red flag.

Nobody can really guarantee that CBD oil will cure anything, despite all the clinical trials that suggest it can. Promises and medical claims are things CBD manufacturers should avoid, and so should you.

Looking For the Best Quality CBD Oil?

CBD oil is probably the most promising thing to hit the health and medical sphere in a long time. More and more clinical studies are showing the incredible benefits that CBD oil can provide.

It’s safe to take and doesn’t usually cause any side effects. You can give it to your mom, your dog, and even your child.

But the exact CBD oil product you take matters. If you’re looking for the best quality CBD oil product, shop with Denver CBD today.


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