CBD and Epilepsy: How CBD Oil Can Provide Relief From Seizures

CBD and Epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders, with over 150,000 Americans being diagnosed with it every year. Virtually all sufferers experience seizures from the disease, which can be scary and debilitating. While there are several medications available to treat epilepsy symptoms, many of them cause unwanted side effects.

But there is a promising new and more natural treatment that is helping a lot of epilepsy patients: CBD, or cannabidiol oil. This substance comes from the cannabis plant and is being used in many health, wellness, and beauty products. It also won’t make its users high.

Here’s a look at the connection between CBD and epilepsy, and how taking CBD can help epilepsy patients.

Studies Concerning CBD and Epilepsy

Several clinical trials have been conducted to determine if consuming CBD oil can ease epileptic seizures. The results have been very positive. One such study even saw improvement in 132 patients who were resistant to traditional epilepsy therapies.

In another study that followed children with epilepsy taking CBD oil, parents not only reported a decrease in their children’s seizures, but that they were sleeping better and less moody.

In 2015, the FDA approved the first CBD-based medication, Epidiolex, to treat two particularly rare forms of epilepsy. It can be given to patients as young as two years old.

Scientists are still determining exactly what makes CBD oil so effective for treating epilepsy. It’s believed that the substance alters brain chemistry to reduce seizures.

The Pros and Cons of Taking CBD to Treat Epilepsy

There seems to be more pros than cons when using CBD oil to treat epilepsy. For starters, studies have found that a lower dose of ten milligrams daily is just as effective as double that amount. This means a supply of CBD oil will last longer.

Second, patients taking CBD oil will not experience the high associated with marijuana. That’s because CBD is just one compound out of the hundreds found in the cannabis plant. THC, a distant cousin of CBD, is the compound that makes marijuana users high.

Epileptic patients also don’t experience many side effects from consuming CBD oil. It is generally considered non-toxic to humans. It’s also made in different flavors that can make them easier for kids to take.

Learn More About the Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is being used across a variety of industries, including medical and beauty. If you’re interested in learning more about CBD and epilepsy, or the latest developments in the CBD industry, read our latest educational posts.

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